A psychedelic virtual reality journey through a night-time Baroque pleasure garden, set in a forest of mushrooms and reconstructed as a dream topography of spaces, objects, dance parties and entities. Accompanied by driving organic techno sounds, it is an immersive glimpse into a timeless zone that serves as a poignant exercise of releasing and letting go.
The glitched and chopped nature of grabbed digital artefacts lends a palpable sense of the unreal to this VR universe, leaving space for an imaginary narrative and a place to reflect on the connectedness of things, mirrored by the super connectedness of the fungal networks that loom large over the whole landscape. The artefacts –captured from the real world via Lidar Scanning technology– and the course plotted around them, mark different spaces and times; moments of orgasmic ascension and amniotic submersion.
“It…takes a more DIY approach to the VR medium than is often seen, breaking down the glossy artifice of video game aesthetics and taking the viewer on a journey through something more wild, more raw. In doing so, it creates an impression of venturing into the unknown, of passing through an uncharted digital wilderness of whispers, symbols and fragments.
Sound is also ever present; the objects in this space are linked to a encyclopedic collection of organic sonic artifacts, field recordings, music, songs, and samples all reaching towards a state of ecstasy in a surreal and energetic counterpoint.

Lorna McDowell, Traversing Mycelial Networks: An Interview with Monika Czyżyk, https://www.berlinartlink.com/2023/08/29/interview-monika-czyzyk-mycelium-orgasm-report-vr/
Gabriel de la Cruz , Monika Czyżyk, Neil Luck